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This book takes you on a journey of a woman that loves to travel. The travel adventure of a wandering woman will be your ultimate guide for budget-friendly travel. It is a power-packed book with various travel stories of our author and has different tips, tricks and hacks for traveling. She wants the world to know about her travel adventures and would love to guide the world about different ways and techniques to travel the world for free or on a budget!

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A Bout the author

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us” – Anonymous

Jana Idilbi, a wandering woman who loves to travel and explore the world, has been to over 120 countries. Her love for traveling is unmatched. She loves to get lost in big cities and wants to explore each part of them. Egypt being one of her favorite places to visit, she has been almost all around the world. Her love for Egypt has led her to create a vacation home for her over there. Her vacation home is referred to as The Royal Pyramids Palace Residence at the Pyramids.

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Hop on the bandwagon of our wandering woman as she travels the world and explores new things.

Finding Your True Self

Travelling exposes you to different cultures and mentalities. It is good for the soul. Once travelling alone, you get an excellent, more extensive exposure since you don’t enclose your social self together with your cluster of friends.

The Adrenaline in The Mountains

Mountains are awe-inspiring. They’re nature at its rawest, mightiest and most spectacular form. If you’re a walker or a mountain lover, you’d know addictive they are.

Beaches & Stars

There is not anything extra enjoyable than being attentive to the sound of the waves while lounging at a beach. While you might imagine it’s your imagination, there is undoubtedly research achieved that shows that the advantages of going to the seaside consist of

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Experience the beauty of the world through our lens. From famous monuments to creative street art, we have seen it all and would love to share it with our audience.